Concrete grinding

Concrete grinding is an environmentally friendly technology that brings the concrete’s own structure to the surface. Using the HTC Superfloor concrete polishing and floor polishing technology, we create a marble-, or granite-like surface that gives a modern and elegant appearance to a simple concrete surface. When renovating, there is no coating that should be removed, as we only polish the surface of the concrete to be mirrorlike. The glossy, smooth surface remains non-slip, even when it’s wet.
Thanks to their dust extraction technology, our machines keep their environment clean all the time, so that the grinding can be done even next to an operating factory. Another advantage is that no drying time is required, which means that the surface can be used immediately after completion of the work. A professional choice from elegant lobbies to production halls.

HTC Superfloor ™ Bronze:
This implementation consisting solely of polishing processes can be applied on flat, smooth and preferably crust reinforced surfaces. The HTC SuperFloor Bronze is also suitable for re-shining old concrete surfaces, and it helps to restore their original condition. As an end result, we get a stronger smoothing layer with a glossy finish.

HTC Superfloor ™ Silver:
The HTC SuperFloor Silver is a smooth, even and silky surface that can be made from less even concrete floors. The process requires grinding to the same depth as Platinum, but in this case the polishing is not done, which results in an excellent matte finish.

HTC Superfloor ™ Gold:
The HTC Superfloor Gold surface requires a smooth, flat and bubble-free concrete. In this case, the degree of grinding is lower than with the Platinum, but the polishing achieves a high-gloss surface that results in an outstanding concrete floor not only in appearance but also in sustainability.

HTC Superfloor ™ Platinum:
The surface of the HTC SuperFloor Platinum can be achieved by several sanding and polishing processes, so the only important criteria for its design is the bubble-free concrete surface. The result is an unbeatably solid and shiny floor where forklift wheels can’t leave marks.


There is no production or operational interruption during floor preparation.


Painting road markings, high gloss surface.


Strong, hard surface without forklift marks.


Life cycle costs are 60% lower.


Significantly improved cleanliness, water repellent surface.


Low vibration with vehicles, noise-free.


Low or not measurable static resistance.


Appropriate, standard abrasion resistance.


Floors with the highest fire classification.


It can be disinfected and cleaned from radiation.


Concrete is made from natural materials and can be produced with 30 times less energy consumption.


Easy cleaning, with the HTC Twister. It only requires water.


The HTC Superfloor floor can be protected against stains.


If you are looking for flooring treatments, contact us and our company will test the area. This allows you to test the surface under specific conditions, even for longer periods of time. In the meantime, meet our colleagues who will show you the implementation of concrete grinding, the life-span of these floors, and how it pays-off.

Partnereink mondták




It is equal to the life-span of the concrete. It is recommended to renew the grinding every 10 years if the surface is noticeably scuffed or has lost its original shine.

No. The grinded are is going to be separated if necessary using tape, cordon or foil, so work can flow smoothly around us.

The quotation requires a personal condition survey. The price can also be influenced by the condition of the surface and the grinding procedures we want to apply in the area.

Requirements for our work: water supply, closed, waterproof and draft-free area. The air temperature should be at least 10 °C and the substrate should be at least 5 °C. Power supply (32A 400V), which is no further than 50 meters from the work site. A way to access a workspace. The customer takes care of the removal of the waste.

Yes, we also place great emphasis on the parts near the wall and the corners for the best possible quality.

Several types of repair materials are used, so that the process can be applied even on surfaces that has to bear heavy loading.

We can correct the problems before starting the concrete grinding. In corrected areas, the color of the corrected area may not match the original surface. This means a difference of 1-2 shades.

The procedure is necessary to determine the grinding time and the quotation. During the survey we will look at what materials should be removed from the floor, eg: resin, leveling materials, adhesive, PVC floor.

Requesting a quotation